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WALK-HERO™ Happy Customers

I've tried several brands of sleeves to help with plantar Fasciitis pain and these are by far the best! I used to wear a heavy plastic boot to bed to keep my foot straight and prevent my tendon from shrinking, but would wake during the night in a panic from the discomfort and weight of the boot, ripping it off. I've replaced the boot with these fantastic compression sleeves and now have peaceful nights sleep, and greatly reduced morning pain.

E. Schultz

Great ankle brace. I've tried a lot since I run and get ankle injuries frequently and this one works the best for everyday use. It gives great support, is easy on and off and is comfortable to wear. It's not flimsy but it is not so thick that I can't wear it for a run which is what I really bought it for. The material is giving but very supportive. There are two in a pack so you really get your moneys worth.

A. Berge

Incredible! I had already been having some arthritis pain in my ankles. Then a few months ago, took a bad spill running my dog and suffered a multiple sprain. Still having off and on pain and feeling unstable in my ankle, I tried various braces and wraps but couldn't find anything that fit my needs. After reading some reviews, I decided to try the PowerLix and am so glad that I did. They are tight but very comfortable. I could immediately feel a difference in the stability of my ankle joint. Two nights ago, I got on the treadmill and walked/jogged just over a mile and a half. NO PAIN. Seriously, it's an incredible difference..

E. Johnston

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