JellyPod FAQs

JellyPod Massager F.A.Q.

As a beginner who isn’t used to exercising their feet with the JellyPod Massager and who may not have the balance required to do standing exercises, you should try this out first seated to give you a slower, easier start on your journey to better health.

Once you’re seated and comfy, gently place the JellyPod Massagers beneath your feet and slowly press into them. Be wary of putting too much pressure on your feet, as it may cause you significant discomfort during your first time. Try and feel out how your feet are taking these new sensations. If it’s too uncomfortable, try lightening the amount of pressure you’re placing on your feet or wear socks if you’re doing this barefoot.

Experiment with where you need to massage your feet in order to get the most comfort - in the arches, the soles, or the toes. If you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, then try applying the most pressure onto the affected area. If you’ve got restless leg syndrome, then maybe try putting on some soothing meditation music as you gently press onto the JellyPod Massager. As soon as you’ve got a feel for the right way to massage your own feet, you should be good to go!