PolyPod Massager F.A.Q.

  1. How do I use the JellyPod Massager?

The JellyPod Massager is very easy to use! The JellyPod Massager’s special polygonal surface design can both massage tired muscles and stretch out tight and knotted ones.

Simply place them on the ground, being sure that you have inflated or deflated them to the pressure that is best for you, and then slowly step on them with your feet, massaging and stretching your muscles to your heart’s desires!

  1. How do I identify the reflexology points on my feet?

Great question! We’ve provided you with a detailed infographic to help you point out which parts of your feet you need to massage in order to achieve the outcome you truly desire.

  1. What material is this product made of? Is it made of latex?

While latex sounds like a great material to make a product out of, the PolyPod PolyPod  Massager is made from polyvinyl chloride, which is a safer, widely used, and very durable kind of plastic. It’s designed to help keep the

JellyPod Massager Is strong and stable.

  1. I’m afraid that I might apply too much pressure on this and break it. What do I do?

Your concern is touching, but don’t you worry, because the JellyPod Massager is a strong little product! But if you really are worried about popping the JellyPod Massager, we would suggest that you start your JellyPod massage with some light pressure, and building up until you’re applying the amount of pressure you feel is adequate for your needs.

  1. Does the JellyPod Massager help with plantar fasciitis?

Yes, it does! 90% of cases of plantar fasciitis can be treated through massage. Strengthening of the plantar fascia muscle through massage is known to cure plantar fasciitis, and the PolyPod Massager’s special polygonal surface design can help deal with it quicker through its ability to dig deep into the connective tissue of the foot.

For more details on how the JellyPod Massager can help with plantar fasciitis, click here.

  1. Does the JellyPod Massager help with restless leg syndrome?

Yes, it does! Moving relieves the legs of their restlessness, and giving them a massage would help with that immensely.

For more details on how the PolyPod Massager can help with restless leg syndrome, click here.

  1. Does the JellyPod Massager help with neuropathy?

The JellyPod Massager may not be the most effective tool to fight back against neuropathy. However, we do have several TENS devices (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) that will be more suited to handling with your neuropathy.

  1. My tennis ball can do the same thing. How is the JellyPod Massager better?

While your tennis ball or any other home instrument may be able to give you some relief, it won’t last long and that relief isn’t going to be as deep as it could be if it came from the PolyPod Massager. The JellyPod Massager’s polygonal spiked surface helps dig deep into the root of your foot pain. It relieves sore muscles and restores proper blood circulation, which makes it even better as a foot massaging tool than a regular old tennis ball.